General Guidelines

File Formats

  • Loaded data volumes must be uncompressed, monolithic NIfTI files (*.nii).

    • Diffusion data must adhere to the LONI MiND specification.

    • Connectivity data are 4-dimensional vector-valued NIfTI volumes with the first three values representing the x, y, and z offsets (in voxels) to the most connected neighboring voxel and the final value giving the ranked (percentile) connectivity of the current voxel to the seed.
  • Scene data is imported and exported in the binary OpenSceneGraph format (*.ive).

  • Screenshots are saved as Portable Network Graphics files (*.png).

Data Alignment and Orientation

DIVA relies on the NIfTI header to determine the relative position and orientation of data volumes. If sform_code is set, the data is drawn in the sform space. Otherwise, if qform_code is set, the data is drawn in the qform space. If neither sform_code nor qform_code are set, the data is drawn in a right-handed coordinate system according to the pixdim fields.

The NIfTI header orientation/location fields must be set accurately to ensure that the data volumes are rendered in alignment.

Status Bar

The status bar appears along the bottom of the DIVA window.

Status Bar Screenshot

It displays useful information about the current pending operation or the most recent error.